Saves up to 30% on Electricity Bills
Meets Environmental Standards
Improves Power Factor
Lowers KW and KWH
Stabilizes the Electrical Current
Reduces Electricity Waste
Easy to Use, Maintenance Free
Just plug it in No additional wiring needed
20 Years Design Life & 5 Years Warranty
Only one unit per metered circuit is needed
Fully compliant with Australian safety standards
All parts are RoHS compliant and CE approved
For use in Homes, Apartments, Offices, Shops..
Using the Energy Saver Plug
You will see a minimum 6% savings on your total electric bill. The average savings is 19%. The Energy Saver Plug TM has been seen to save as much as 30% a month in residential use. Savings vary as it is dependent on what configuration of devices your home may have. Motor driven devices can see a power request from the meter reduce as much as over 40% where a 100 watt incandescent light bulb would only see a .002% savings. Please check out our video demonstration below to see a neon save over 32% using the Energy Saver Plug technology.